Rebekah Leigh Marshall

Equine & Pet Portraiture

Price List

I currently offer portraits in two sizes, A4 & A3. I am aiming to provide a larger range of size options in the future.


If you would like two portraits on one piece I can only provide this at A3 as too much detail is lost at a smaller size and I want to create the best piece that I can for you.


A4 Graphite Pencil : £50 (Single Portraits only)

A3 Graphite Pencil : £80 (Single or double portraits)

A4 Coloured pencil: £80 (Single portraits only)

A3 Coloured Pencil: £120 (Single or double portraits)


Please add an extra £20 for coloured backgrounds.


Postage and packaging is £10


If you have any other questions please see my Commissions page for more information or contact me via the my Contact 'page.


Thank you

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